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Yong'an is a county-level city in China's Fujian province, on the Sha River, which is a tributary of the . It is located approximately 120 miles southeast of Fuzhou. Recent estimates put the city's population at 135,000.

Wuyishan (city)

Wuyishan is a county-level city in Nanping, Fujian Province, China.

Nanping Wuyishan Airport serves the Wuyishan area.

Wangtang, Fujian

Wangtang is a city in Fujian, China.


Tsuchi is a small town in Yongding County of Fujian Province, People's Republic of China. It is famous for its Hakka tulou. The CIA once believed that the tulou were missile bases due to their size and shape.

Songxi County

Songxi County is a in Nanping, Fujian, China. Its county seat is located at Town .

Ninghua County

Ninghua County , Fujian province, China. A in Sanming prefecture.

Area: 2381 km2.

Population: 340,000.

Postal Code: 365400.

The county government is located in Cuijiang town.

Shibi Village in the county is an ancient place for Kejia.


Shaowu is a city in Fujian province in China. It has more than 100,000 inhabitants.