Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nan'an, Fujian

Nan'an is a county-level city within the Quanzhou Prefecture level city, Fujian province, China. The city has a population of 1,480000 residents.

Nan'an is said to have over 3 million people who have ancestral roots from the city who have migrated in South East Asia and in the west.


Nan'an is located on the southeastern coast of Fujian province. It has been the centre of the 3 Wu Kingdoms. Nan'an history dates back 1700 years. Nan'an has been the economic and cultural centre for Minnan people.

Climate and Geography

Nan'an experiences subtropical moonsoonal humid climate. It has an average temperature of 20.9°C. It has 349 days which is frost free.

The city covers an area of 2036 square kilometres.

Nan'an is situated below Anxi County, adjacent to to the east and Tong'an District to the West. Nan'an county is 97 km from Xiamen. It is 30 km from Quanzhou and 220 km from the provincial capital, Fuzhou.


Nan'an is fast developing into an economic and industrial hub for Quanzhou prefecture. Its close proximity to economic centres such as Xiamen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen makes it an important investment location for foreign investments and Taiwan businessmen.

Nan'an has very strong rail infrastructure and road links making it a gateway for tourism as well as commerce.

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